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Nuvo Troubleshooting

Zone Player Has
No Audio Output

It is possible that a zone or multiple zones of the system are connected to the system, display a solid white LED, but do not have audio output.


The zone or zones of the system are configured and wirelessly connected to the network (indicated by a solid white LED on the front panel), but when music is selected, there is no audio output.


This situation typically is symptomatic of a poor wireless connection. It is possible that the player is connected but the actual signal strength and throughput are so poor that audio streaming is not possible. If you have verified that the speakers in the zone are actually connected, it is a good idea to check the zone's wireless throughput by running the embedded iPerf test. Go to "Settings" / "System" / "About" and reference the IP address of the zone in question. Open a web browser and type the IP address, ie. into the address pane. This will open the System Diagnostics page for that zone. On that page, click on the "iPerf" button. This will initiate the zone test. If the result is red (meaning sub-standard throughput), here are some additional steps.

       1. Try changing the wireless frequency. The default setting is 2.4 GHz. This may have too much traffic for reliable audio streaming, and changing the setting to the 5 GHz band can fix this issue. Go to "Settings" / "Zones" and select the problem zone from the list, then select "Wireless" under the header "Advanced." Select "Wireless Frequency." A choice for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz will be available. Change the selection and touch the "Done" button. The zone LED will flash red for a few seconds before returning to solid white on the new frequency.
  2. Put the zone on a Cat5 wire back to the system Gateway, network router, or a switch on the network.
  3. Add another gateway to the system to provide a better access point for the wireless communication. To do this, plug an additional Gateway into the network from its desired location. Go to "Settings" / "Add a Nuvo Component." You will see an image of a Gateway and a prompt to complete its connection to the system.
  4. Move the player closer to the network router where it is able to have a stronger signal.