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Nuvo Troubleshooting

Restoring Defaults

Occasionally when a player goes offline, the solution is to Restore Defaults. This will restore the zone back to its original factory default state.


An offline player is indicated by a flashing red LED on the front panel, or a hard failure is indicated by a solid red LED. A database error message may require that you reset defaults.



Here are the steps for restoring defaults on a P100 or P200 Player.

  • 1. Turn off the power to the zone using the power button on the back panel of the player. 
  • 2. Turn the power back on.
  • 3. When the front panel LED flashes white the first time, touch the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
  • 4. When the flashing LED turns green, let go of the buttons.
  • 5. Let the zone continue to reboot with a flashing white LED.
  • 6. When the process is complete, the LED will go back to a solid green state. This indicates that it is in a non-configured factory default state.
  • 7. Repeat the zone setup steps in the control app to return the player to audio system operation.