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Nuvo Troubleshooting

Using URL Scheme
with Bitwise App

The Nuvo Player app features a URL designed to launch the app from inside a third party app. This works especially well with Bitwise Touch automation app. When fully implemented, a button in the Bitwise app can be setup to launch the Nuvo Player app which will then provide a back button to return to the originating page of the Bitwise app with a single button push.

Implementing the URL Scheme:

       1. Within the Bitwise Editor software, identify the pages with buttons you wish to launch the Nuvo app. Keep in mind that each page with a button must be set up individually. 
  2. Double click on the button you would like to implement. That will open the "Edit Properties" window for that button.
  3. Within "Edit Properties" under "Navigation" select "URL Scheme" from the drop down menu. This will open a window for the appropriate script.
  4. The actual information is made up of two parts. The first part is the Nuvo URL and script for the back button implementation nuvoplayer:///?returnTo=. This will be the same for every button implementation. The second part is the specific URL and return page for the back button. In this example it is bwtouch://A_HOME_L
  5. Before you can actually implement this in the Bitwise build, you will need to encode it into ASCII Hexidecimal. That is easily done with an online conversion tool: The encoded URL is bwtouch%3A%2F%2FA_HOME_L.
  6. Type the entire URL: nuvoplayer://?returnT0=bwtouch%3A%2F%2FA_HOME_L into the Bitwise URL Scheme window.

  7. When the desired Bitwise buttons have the appropriate URL and return page added, and the job is uploaded to the Bitwise processor, the result will be a back button that appears on the Nuvo app. When the Nuvo audio button is pressed within the Bitwise app, the Nuvo app will open with the back button that when pressed, will return the user back to the original page within the Bitwise app.