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Your Questions, Answered.

When will production of Nuvo products cease?  

Production of Nuvo products is expected to end at the end of 2021 or as final components become available for manufacturing. 

What will the warranty be for Nuvo products purchased at clearance pricing?  

All Player items have had a two-year limited warranty in the past. That will remain unchanged. The warranty for passive speakers purchased at clearance pricing, is now also two years. In each case, however, our ability to offer replacement parts will only continue while supplies of inventoried parts last. All products purchased on or after October 13th, 2021, will be considered final sale and are not returnable for credit or refund. Click to download the Nuvo Architectural Speaker Warranty

What will happen to the warranty for items that I bought or installed before this announcement?  

There are no changes to warranty coverages for any items purchased prior to this announcement, except, as mentioned above, inventory supply limitations. 

Will I still be able to get technical assistance for current and past Nuvo products?  

We will continue to provide technical support for Nuvo products through October 2023. There is no change to how you reach our support team. You will still be able to email the team at technical.support-hs@legrand.us.  

Sound Advice in New Zealand (NUVO Whole Home Audio Solutions) will continue to sell and provide support for the Nuvo and the Nuvo Player range in New Zealand.  

What can I do to get service on older Nuvo products that are out of warranty?  

We will continue to offer repair options while supplies last. Simply get in touch with our support team to see what options are available to you. 

Are there plans to continue supporting the services, apps and existing third-party integrations that are part of the Nuvo Player system?  

We will continue to maintain the Nuvo Player system and third-party integrations but continued support will be limited to the current state of technology. Bug fixes and version upgrades will be made available through October 10, 2025.   

I have open orders for and/or projects specifying Nuvo product, will those still be fulfilled?   

It may be possible depending on the product and timing of the project. Please call your sales rep to discuss.  

Where can I get information on pricing, discounts, inventory & availability of Nuvo products?  

We will be keeping a close eye on inventory in the coming months. Please contact your sales rep or customer care team at 844-957-3783 Monday through Friday between 8AM and 6PM EST for the most accurate inventory & pricing information.  

Will production of Nuvo products be reinstated in the future?  

There are no plans to reinstate production of Nuvo products.  

Still Have Questions?  

Please contact your sales rep or the customer care team at 844-957-3783 Monday through Friday between 8AM and 6PM EST. 

​​​​​​Do you have a list of recommended alternative product I could use that is equal to the current Nuvo portfolio?

Click to download an easy cross reference chart with alternative manufacturer solutions.