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Ball Camera, Light Almond
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General Info
Color: Light Almond
Construction Information
Material 1: ABS Plastic
Spec 1: Mounting
Overall Dimensions (US): 5.20 H x 3 W x 0.2 D Wall Mount
Product Weight (US): 4 lb
Cord Information
1. Power +12 or 24V DC (Input)
2. GND Power Ground
3. Audio+ Unbalanced (3V P-P) or + Balanced (1V P-P)
4. Command A If used RS-485 A (Differential)
5. Command B If used RS-485 B (Differential)
6. Audio- Unbalanced Ground, - Balanced (1V P-P)
7. Video Video Signal (1V P-P Input)
8. GND Video Ground
Technical Information
Cat5 Cable Rating: CAT 5e UTP, 4 pair Solid Conductor (24 AWG)
Connection Method: Single RJ-45
Humidity: Up to 95% RH (Non Condensing)
Material: ABS Plastic
Mounting: Via Standard NEMA 1-gang Wall Box
Operating Temperature (Celsius): 0 to 55 C
Power Requirements: +24Vdc, +/-1.5Vdc, 0.75 A Differential Driven or +12VDC .75A for Single Ended mode