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Telecom Surge Suppression Unit
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General Info
Color: Black
Connection Type: 24 position connector
Type: Telecom Surge
Listing Agencies/Third Party Certifications
UN SPSC: 39121610
Depth (Metric): 3.6 cm
Depth (US): 1.42"
Height (Metric): 1.9 cm
Height (US): .75"
Width (Metric): 3.5 cm
Width (US): 1.37 in
Technical Information
Material: ABS
Mounting: On-QTelecom Modules such as the P/N 1267062-01 (1x6 Basic Telecom Module), P/N 364551-01 (1x8 Enhanced Telecom Module) and P/N 363485-01 (1x11 KSU/PBX Telecom Module), all of which can be directly mounted in any On-Q style enclosure
Operating Temperature (Celsius): -40°C to 80°C
RatedVoltage: 130 VAC Continuous, 175 VDC Continuous