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Clarity SNAP Inline Coupler TracJack, Orange
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General Info
Color: Orange
Footprint: TracJack
Mod Jack Wiring: SNAP to SNAP
Product Series: Clarity
Listing Agencies/Third Party Certifications
RoHS: Yes
CUL Listing No: E131600
UL Listing No: E131600
UL Standard: Yes
Construction Information
Component 1: Plastic TracJack Housing
Component 2: 4 arrays of compartmentalized SNAP modular contacts.
Component 3: 4 arrays of compartmentalized SNAP modular contacts.
Component 4: Printed circuit board
Finish Plating 2: Nickel plating and a minimum of 50 micro inches of selective gold plating in contact area.
Material 1: High Impact Thermoplastic ABS 94V-0
Material 2: Beryllium Copper
Material 3: Two-sided FR-4 epoxy resin/glass base with solder mask
Depth (Metric): 32.00 mm
Height (Metric): 23.37 mm
Height (US): .92 in
Length (US): 1.26 in
Width (Metric): 18.54 mm
Width (US): .73 in
Technical Information
Category Rating: Category 6A / 6 / 5e
Performance Rating: Cat 6A / 6 / 5e
Eco-Benefit Information
RoHS Compliant