Otronics Infinium HD Enclosure

Infinium HD Fiber Enclosure

The Infinium™ HD Enclosure is an ideal solution for fiber networks in data centers and building networks. The high-density footprint accommodates up to 96 fibers in 1U of rack space. This enclosure has many innovative features designed with the installer, contractor, and network professional in mind, providing a simplified process when installing or working within the enclosure.
Infinium™ HD Enclosure Products
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Compatible Cassettes and Adapter Panels

Fiber Pre-Terminated Cassettes
Explore our line of high density M4 and M8 cassettes that are compatible with the Infinium™ HD Enclosure.
Adapter Panels
Explore our line of high density M4 and M8 adapter panels that are compatible with the Infinium™ HD Enclosure.

Innovative Features & Benefits Simplify Installation


Intuitive Cable Management

Outward rotating pivot arms for managing fiber slack storage in rear of enclosure.

Integrated HiLOC attachment points.

Cable attachment brackets and grommets help secure and protect cable routing.

Simplified Installation

Simplified Installation

The enclosure features new open-ended mounting ears that allow for a single person to install into a rack by lowering the enclosure down onto screws within the rack.

Removable drawer faces, top panels, and front-loading cassettes and adapter panels allow for versatile connectivity installation.

Greater Scalability

Greater Scalability

Easily convert between our standard density 12-fiber base system to an 8-fiber base system by swapping out the M4 drawer face with a M8 drawer face. The enclosure does not need to be uninstalled from the rack to change the drawer face.

improved visibility

Improved Visibility

Front white drawer face and label field reflects light to better see connections in the front of the enclosure.

Removable top covers and rear integrated LED lights provide increased visibility in back of enclosure for managing rear connections and slack fiber.

Data Center Packaging

Data Center-Compliant Packaging

The enclosure ships in a “bubble bag” that is data center compliant, so it can be carried easily into the environment and remain complaint with restrictions around packaging.
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Built-in Handle

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