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Integrated White Solutions Shed Light on Networking Equipment 


White products reflect the maximum amount of light, providing better visibility at the cabling and patch panel, an often dim space where punch-downs and port locations require high visibility. Outside of the rack or cabinet, the building benefits from the bright white finishes' reflective characteristics, enabling lower light-intensity requirements in the facility. 

Solutions Available in White 


Some products may be represented black, please contact your local sales representative to order the white version. To talk to a customer service representative now please call us at 1.800.934.5432.

Available 8 AM - 5 PM EST, Monday – Friday. 

Note: A data center can earn 1 point toward LEED certification if it meets 4 of 9 strategies for providing high-quality lighting (see credit for: LEED v4 for Data Centers, Interior Lighting credit, option 2). Data cabinets may apply to Item G of this credit option if they are part of the original architectural plan and satisfy the requirements in Item F.

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