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Integrated White Solution

White Solution

Integrated White Solutions Shed Light on Networking Equipment

White products reflect the maximum amount of light, providing better visibility at the cabling and patch panel, an often dim space where punch-downs and port locations require high visibility. Outside of the rack or cabinet, the building benefits from the bright white finishes' reflective characteristics, enabling lower light-intensity requirements in the facility.

Solutions Available in White

Note: Some products may be represented black, please contact your local sales representative to order the white version.

To talk to a customer service representative now please call us at 1.800.934.5432.
Available 8 AM - 5 PM EST, Monday - Friday.
Integrated White Solution, Mighty Mo 20
Available in channel and 4-post versions up to 9 feet and 26 different sizes.
Integrated White Solution, Clarity Patch Panels
• Available in Clarity 6A, 6 and 5E performance
• Available in angled or flat, 1RU and 2RU versions
• 6-port or HDJ configurations
Integrated White Solution, Cablofil
Precision engineered, high quality, welded steel wire.
Integrated White Solution, Hexguard
Shields cables in the channel sidewall, allowing cables to safely pass from the inside to the outside.
Integrated White Solution, Cable Trough
Used to create a front-to-rear or vertical trough on the inside or outside of the channel.
Integrated White Solution, Blanking Panels
Fill open rack units in racks and cabinets where separation of cold and hot air is required.
Integrated White Solution, Vertical Managers
The wire frame and rack unit finger design promotes efficient routing of patch cords between racks.
Integrated White Solution, Horizontal Managers
Provide bend limitation for cables, protecting cables, equipment and network performance.

Resources & Downloads

Integrated White Solution, White Offering
Download the data sheet to discover how Legrand can brighten your network's infrastructure.
Integrated White Solution, Clarity Patch Panels
Download the data sheet to discover how these patch panels can enhance work visibility that the reflective characteristic of the white color offers.
Integrated White Solution, Hexguard Brochure
Download the data sheet to discover how you can benefit from the cabling protection of the Mighty Mo 20 Hexguard.
Integrated White Solution, Cable Management
Download the data sheet to see what is available in cable management to brighten your network infrastructure.
Note: A data center can earn 1 point toward LEED certification if it meets 4 of 9 strategies for providing high-quality lighting (see credit for: LEED v4 for Data Centers, Interior Lighting credit, option 2). Data cabinets may apply to Item G of this credit option if they are part of the original architectural plan and satisfy the requirements in Item F.