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Tamper-Resistant Receptacles

Pass & Seymour®

How Tamper-Resistant Receptacles Keep
Children Safe

Our patented sliding-shutter system prevents kids from inserting hairpins, keys, paperclips and other common household objects.

Seeking greater safety for their young children, parents have tried plastic outlet caps and sliding-shutter wall plates. However, kids quickly learn to remove the plastic caps. A study found 100 percent of 2- and 4-year olds were able to remove one brand of outlet caps, often in less than 10 seconds (Temple University study). And shuttered wall plates are no longer UL-listed due to heat-related safety concerns.


Solving plug insertion problems*

- A bent plug blade can block insertion; just as with plug-insertion in standard receptacles. The solution’s the same, too: straightening the blade.

- Sharp edges or burrs on new plug blades may catch on shutters, preventing them from opening. Using a small file or sandpaper solves the problem.


*Note: Severely damaged plugs should be replaced by a qualified individual.

How Tamper-Resistant Receptacles Work