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QMotion Shading Frequently Asked Questions


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Roller Shades
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General ​​​​​​​

Q: What makes QMotion shades the right choice for parents with young children at home?

QMotion motorized shades are a great choice for families with young children because they have no pull cords which can be a strangulation hazard. QMotion also offers our patented manual override system which allows users, regardless of age, to activate the shade with a gentle tug.

​​​​​​​​​Q: ​​​​​Does QMotion sell shades directly to consumers? If I am a consumer, how do I purchase QMotion shades?

QMotion only sells through authorized QMotion dealers. You can find the dealer nearest you by using our dealer locator or by calling 877-849-6070.

Q: How do I clean and care for my QMotion shades?

You can remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air. It is not recommended to use solvents or scrub your shades with an abrasive substance. This might damage the coating of the fabric. For more intense cleaning, please contact us for instructions.

Q: Where can QMotion shades by repaired?

The original dealer where you purchased your QMotion shades may be able to repair or service your shades. If they are not able to assist you, call QMotion Customer Service at 877-849-6070.

Q: What warranty covers my QMotion shades?

We now offer a limited lifetime warranty on everything except the batteries. For more information on the warranty, please visit http://www.qmotionshades.com/support-center/tabs/warranty.

Q: Are QMotion shades environmentally friendly products?

Depending on the choice of fabrics, you can select some which have various "green" certifications. Additionally, QMotion practices efficient manufacturing to minimize the ecologically adverse impact. When using battery powered QMotion shades, the batteries are Alkaline style, which the EPA has determined are safe enough to be disposed with other household trash.

Q: What awards or recognitions has QMotion received for its product line?

QMotion has received numerous awards, including Best New Technical Innovation from the WCMA. You can learn more about our recognition and awards from the 'About' page at the top of the page.

Q: What type of replacement batteries will I have to purchase?

QMotion shades utilize standard "D-Cell" Alkaline batteries. Depending on the size of your shade, they will take between 3-8 batteries.

Q: ​​​​What is an 'energy efficient' window shade? Will this type of shade help reduce at home utility costs?

​​​​​​​An energy efficient shade is one which does not consume much electricity when running, and may also help manage power consumption in a space. QMotion shades are among the least "energy thirsty", and our light filtering materials can help a space to be well lit while moderating the effects of the sun and giving privacy.


Buying QMotion Products


Q: Does QMotion sell direct for my home or office?

QMotion products, while quite simple to install and use, are sold through our dealer network. This helps us ensure the best possible experience for you with our products. You can find the dealer nearest you by using our dealer locator or by calling 877-849-6070.

Q: Are QMotion products still a good value, even if they are only available through dealers?

QMotion dealers are trained to help select the right product solution, and to be sure that it is measured and installed correctly. This means that you can expect your experience to be professional and satisfying. When properly selected and installed, greater satisfaction is to be expected.

Q: How do I find a QMotion dealer in my area?

The best way to find a QMotion Dealer near you is by using the dealer locator, which will indicate if a trained dealer is in your area. If no dealer appears locally, we have have added some since, or have other ways of helping you. Please call 877-849-6070 for assistance.


Q: How can I get pricing information?

​​​​​​​Pricing is only available through an authorized QMotion Dealer. While we would like to provide reference pricing for our products, prices vary by window size, fabric selections and other options.




Q: Will Qbasic or Qfree be discontinued?

No. All three products are still in the line: Qbasic, Qbasic+ and Qfree.

Q: Will the tubes be equipped with battery holes when shipping?

Yes. The tubes will all be perforated at shipping. The perforated tube will have a cover over the battery replacement slot so as not to damage the fabric. That needs to be removed and replaced with the battery cover when upgrading to motorized.

Q: If someone orders a Qbasic+ shade with a right clutch, what happens if they decided to order the motor kit and it's a battery motor?

We are adding a new reverse battery MCA for the product offering for Qbasic+. So, shades can be manual as left/right standard/reverse, and we will have the right replacement MCA without needing to ship springs.

Q: Which bracket is adjustable? What motors can be used for the upgrades?

On the manual Qbasic+ shade, the side with the chain is adjustable. On the motorized shade, both sides have brackets that can be adjusted by raising or lowering during installation.

Q: If I want to upgrade to a wired system, like QIS, how do I do that?

Start the project thinking about this, especially in new construction or in a home that will have wired shades in other rooms. If there is a chance that shades may be upgraded, start wiring for the desired system when wiring for other motorized shades.

Q: What is the benefit of the springs inside on the manual shade?

The internal spring systems on the manual shade makes raising and lowering the shade smoother and requires less pull force. It also is there to be ready for the motorized system, as that same system will support it.

Q: If it is easy to upgrade, why can't homeowners just do that upgrade themselves?

QMotion shades are all designed for professional installers, to ensure proper leveling, performance and programming. Training given by QMotion supports the professional installers in getting it right.

Q: What is the maximum size I can get a Qbasic+ shade?

Depending on the selected fabric and its own capabilities, the Qbasic+ manual shade is ONLY chain controlled and does not have manual override operation. Upon conversion to a motorized shade, then it will have the standard manual override feature.




Q: Do I need to buy new shade motors or range extenders to work with the new QzHub3?

​​​​​​​No. Your current QMotion Motorized Shades and extenders will still work with the new QZHub. However, older remotes may need to be upgraded and corded range extenders are not compatible, so RZ2 extenders will be needed.

Q: Do I have remote access to my system through the QMotion QzHub3 app?

No, but once your shades are connected to the app on your local network.

Q: How do I know what drivers are supported and where do I find them?

Because we offer 3rd party integration, options for control have never been easier. Please visit the QzHub3 product page for updated driver support information.

Q: Are timers available?

Though that feature is currently not available, we are always looking at ways to improve and enhance the experience of our products. In the meantime, some 3rd party systems offer times of the QzHub3 is integrated.

Q: Is the QMotion QzHub3 a commissioning app?

Yes, but it is also an end-user app giving the homeowner ultimate control at their fingertips.

Q: I don't like my current shade upper limit. Is there an easy way to fix this?

Once your shades are connected to the app, you can adjust using the new nudge controls on the setting limits page.


Q: What's the benefit of creating shade groups?

You'll want to do this for consistent control. In the app, go to the "Edit Groups" page and tap the "+" icon to create a new group.



Q: How do I select the right openness for a screen?

The range of openness factors for screens indicates the amount of solar protection offered. The lower the numbers, the more visual light and UV light will be blocked. Typically, darker colors will block glare more. If sun light is a significant concern, a smaller openness screen may be required. To keep more of the view, use a larger openness factor.

Q: Can I use two solar shades on the same window?

While the easy answer would be yes, the results may not be what you would expect. With two screen shades, or a screen shade with an insect screen in the same window, there may be strange visual effects, called moire effects. These can be visually dizzying for some. We recommend choosing the best solar shading option, and using dual shades with only a single solar shade fabric on one of the shades.

Q: What different types of shading systems does QMotion offer?

QMotion offers additional styles and types of window shades besides motorized roller shades. Our selection includes: manual cordless shades (Qfree), and also a manual clutch controlled system (Qbasic), and an upgradable manual clutch to motorized system (Qbasic+). To select the best choices, speak with your QMotion Dealer.

Q: If I pull on the shades, will it damage the motor?

​​​​​​​No, pulling on the hembars of Qadvanced shades is okay to do. In fact, QMotion motorized shades have a patented manual override feature which allows users to control the shades manually by pulling on them.


Roller Shades


Q: Can fabrics be changed on my existing hardware?

There are ways to reuse the motor and potentially the spring on your existing shade. You can contact your authorized QMotion dealer or QMotion customer service at 877-649-6070 for more information.

Q: How many colors/fabric options are available with roller shades?

QMotion currently offers over 300 different colors and styles of roller shade fabric! Among these are a range of screen materials, colors, blackouts and more. For more information on fabrics you can click on the Products tab at the top of the page. You can also request samples through an authorized QMotion dealer, or at https://store.samplingproduct.com/10397.

Q: My ZigBee shades sometimes are not responsive.

Typically, when a ZigBee shade stops responding to commands, it is probably because it is not "on the network". This situation could mean that there may have been a power failure or perhaps a device to build the network has been disconnected or relocated. Start by identifying that the system is fully powered, including any gateways and range extenders. Also, verify that all devices are located properly to support the network. A Dealer may need to verify this with you. Once everything is back and powered up, it may take 15 minutes until devices are working again. You may tug a roller shade to help it find the network faster.

Taller Shades


Q: Now that QMotion shades are available at 15 feet tall, what shades can I get in this new height?

All QMotion motorized shades are available in the new size offering. Manual shades, including the Qbasic and Qfree shades, each have their own maximum height and are not available in 15 feet at this time. Also, not all fabrics are available at this height.

Q: So you mentioned fabric limitations. What are they and how do I learn more about that?

Each fabric in our collection is manufactured with its own specifications. These specifications can, at times, limit their capabilities. You can learn about the size capabilities of each fabric in our offering by referring to our fabric charts in our Product Guide.

Q: Will the taller shades use more electricity or will they consume the battery faster?

​​​​​​​Certainly taller shades can be expected to travel for a longer time and use more energy when moving the full length. So, yes, a shade traveling the full height cab be expected to consume batteries slightly faster than smaller shades; however, batteries for taller shades will still have the same life expectancy.