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Our Quick Ship Program (QSP) is intended to provide customers the ability to receive our most popular products faster than our standard lead times. There is no additional cost to participate in the QSP. All shade products ordered under QSP will ship within 10 days after the order is finalized and a PO is received or is prepaid (depending on account credit status). We know that current fabric lead times are longer than ever, and your customers don’t want to wait for the most popular fabrics. End the extended wait times with our QSP which provides our most popular products in a fraction of the time!

QSP Fabrics

What products qualify for the Quick Ship Program? All QSP orders must follow some general guidelines centered around specific fabrics, order sizes, shade sizes, etc. Your QSP order size may not be more than 50 shades or brands. The following listed fabrics include our up-to-date offerings for QSP! To redeem, ask your CSR for the Quick Ship Program when your order is placed. 
80M0058 E Screen 3% White/ White*
80M0002 E Screen 5% White / White
80M0043 Flocke B/O Blanc*
80P0121 SW 2500 1% Oyster
80P0240 SW 2500 1% Oyster/Pearl Gray
80P0241SW 2500 1% Charcoal Gray
80P0126SW 2500 1% Charcoal
80P0122SW 2500 1% Oyster Beige
80P0675SW 2500 1% Bright White*
80P0124SW 2500 1% Beige / Pearl Gray*
80P0125SW 2500 1% Pearl Gray*
80P0114SW 2410 3% Oyster
80P0236SW 2410 3% Oyster/ Pearl Gray
80P0237SW 2410 3% Charcoal Gray
80P0119SW 2410 3% Charcoal
80P0115SW 2410 3% Oyster Beige
80P0118SW 2410 3% Pearl Gray*
80P0107SW 2390 5% Oyster  
80P0238SW 2390 5% Oyster / Pearl Gray
80P0239SW 2390 5% Charcoal Gray
80P0111SW 2390 5% Pearl Gray*
80P0070SW 2703 3% Oyster Charcoal
80P0248SW 2705 5% Oyster Beige
80P0372SW 4400 3% Chalk
80P0373SW 4400 3% Alabaster
80P0377SW 4400 3% Pewter
80P0378SW 4400 3% Ash*
80P0376 SW 4400 3% Granite*
80P0375SW 4400 3% Greystone*
80P0089SW 4800 1% Chalk
80P0090 SW 4800 1% Alabaster
80P0243 SW 4800 1% Gray*
80P0499     SW 7500 B/O Midnight*
80P0490 SW 7500 B/O Ice
80M0027 VIZELA 1% Blanc*

Our SheerWeave 4800 fabric is woven to limit directional visibility while allowing natural light in any room. This durable, high performance material is perfect for traffic dominated areas and public spaces. SheerWeave 4800 is available through our QSP in Chalk and Alabaster colors.

The lightweight, full basketweave, vinyl-coated fiberglass fabrics SheerWeave 2500, 2410, 2390 are manufactured with ease of fabrication in mind. Designed expressly for applications needing more opaque and nondirectional fabrics. Experience SheerWeave Fabrics 2500/2410/2390 in some of our most demanding colors including: Oyster, Oyster/Pearl Gray, Charcoal Gray, Charcoal, Oyster Beige, and Beige.

Diffuse heat with our SheerWeave 2701, 2703, and 2705 fabrics. This uniquely woven twill pattern displaces individual yarns to create a two-sided fabric. Perfect for maximizing heat reduction, glare reduction, and improved visibility in any room.