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Natural light without glare. Temperature comfort without sacrificing energy efficiency. Residential Shading Systems help create the perfect environment for living by controlling exterior natural light to beautify interior settings, protect furniture and valuables from the sun, and reduce energy costs of air-conditioning and electricity. Automated shading allows for perfect, hassle-free control of light and shade in your home, so you’re in control. Our automated shading systems integrate seamlessly with smart home systems, as well as our Vantage lighting controls. And with the tallest and widest battery-operated shades on the market, we’ve got a perfect fit for your home.

Hassle-free automated shading provides effortless convenience that works around your busy schedule.

Private Room with a View

Let the light in. Enjoy looking out. Your favorite spot by the window shouldn’t compromise your privacy.

With Shading Systems from Legrand, you can maximize daylight in your home to create the perfect interior light. Browse our Inspiration Gallery to view stunning project installations featuring Legrand Shading Systems

The magic of Legrand fabrics is a combination of texture, style, and light-filtering technology. Available in a selection of sustainable eco-materials, innovative solar screen, and decorative patterns that put a love spell on any interior design.

Does shade automation get easier than this? Whether operated by wired switches or wireless remotes, mobile app control or customized presets, our whisper-quiet motorized shades respond intuitively to the control of your choice.

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