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Uninterruptible Power Supply – UPS  

Protect mission critical hardware within building networks with Legrand’s line of rack-mountable Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). The range includes single-phase UPS products with two available topologies – line-interactive and online. The rack-mountable, or free-standing with included feet, UPS is perfect for small IT network installations in a network closet, a point-of-sale location or at a desk to provide clean and back-up power to critical applications. Both topologies use valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries to provide back-up power to devices in case of a power failure. 


The Line-Interactive UPS products allow for 1-3 kVA of output power capacity while correcting for minor power fluctuations without switching over to battery backup – extending the overall life of the system and attached devices. The included batteries are only used for backup and are not used in normal operation. 


The Online UPS products provide up to 3 kVA of output power capacity, with the power constantly running through the batteries, providing a clean power output and no transfer time in case of a power outage, perfect for the most sensitive IT equipment.

UPS Products

Programmable Outlets for Power Management

Schedule load-shedding of your non-critical equipment with the bank of programmable outlets. Plug critical equipment into non-programmable outlets for continued runtime while running on battery.

High Power Factor

Legrand’s UPS line features a high-power factor, providing more actual power output and better efficiency when compared to other UPS systems.

Remote Management

Each UPS can be optionally fitted with remote management capability for visibility and control at unmanned sites.

LCD Control Panels

The LCD display on the front of the UPS unit allows local read-out and control of the UPS functions from an easy-to-read display.

Hot-Swappable Battery

The batteries within the UPS can be hot-swapped, ensuring maximum uptime and equipment protection during battery replacements.

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View Legrand’s selection of available power cords to help connect your IT equipment to either a Legrand UPS or PDU. Select from available colored power cords to help differentiate between A/B feeds.

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To support power distribution requirements in network and server racks and cabinets, Legrand manufactures a range of Power Distribution Units (PDU) to meet the needs of your installation.