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General Questions

Q: What is the significance of the different levels of EV chargers?

There are three different EV charger levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

a. Level 1 EV Charger: residential, 110V-120V, 15-20 Amp, 4-5 miles of range per hour

b. Level 2 EV Charger: residential or commercial, 208-240V, 16-80 Amp, 12-46 miles of range per hour

c. Level-3 EV Charger: commercial /Fleet, 400-900V, 100+ Amp, 3-15 miles of range per minute

These numbers may vary due to many different factors, including environmental conditions during charge, battery charged percentage at start of charge, the type or manufacturer of the charger, and the type of car being charged.

Q: How many miles can be expected if the amperage is delimited from 48A?

As the amperage is delimited, the overall miles of range per hour is reduced. You can expect to see up to: 15 miles per hour at 16A, 32 miles per hour at 32A, and 46 miles per hour at 48A.

Q: What type of plug does the EV charger have?

The Legrand EV Charger features the standard connector for the US and Canada – the SAE J1772 charging connector. This is the common port used on EVs sold within North America. Tesla vehicles feature a proprietary connector and require an adapter to be used.

Q: Can you plug an electric vehicle into any outlet?

Yes, electric vehicles can charge from a standard household outlet using a Level 1 charger; however, charging speeds are slow. To speed up the rate of charge, a Level 2 charger is recommended. The charger being offered by Legrand is a level 2 that requires it to be hardwired by a licenses electrician and designed for commercial use only. 


Q: What is the input voltage required for the EV charger (LNA-EVC1-48-SV1)? 

The input voltage required is 208-240 VAC 60Hz.

Q: What is the amperage of the EV charger?

This charger has an adjustable output amperage of 16A - 48A. Out of the box the amperage is set to 48A. See instructions on how to adjust if desired.

Q: Do I need to use a junction box within the pedestal during installation?

The standard pedestals are listed to both UL and CSA standards and do not require a junction box to be used within the pedestal. Connections can be made directly within through the access door on the back of the pedestal. (Cable management pedestals do require a junction box) 

Q: What is the length of the EV charging cord?

The length of the charging cord is 18 ft.

Q: Will the EV charger work without a cellular connection?

No, cell service should be verified before installation. The EV charger is equipped with a SuperSIM network card that allows for multiple cellular service providers. A cellular network connection is provided as part of each charger’s AmpUp subscription.

Q: How would these chargers work if they are installed in an area that does not have 4G cellular coverage such as an underground parking garage?

We would suggest that 4G cellular connectivity be verified as part of the site preparation. If there is no cellular service where the chargers are intended to be installed, customers can use cellular repeaters to extend outside coverage into these areas. Both Wi-Fi and Cellular connections face similar issues with coverage in underground spaces or parking garages.

Q: Can the EV charger operate on Wi-Fi alone?

No, Legrand does not offer a Wi-Fi charger. An upcoming document will be provided demonstrating the benefits of a cellular connection over Wi-Fi for EV Chargers.

Q: Is the EV Charger a “smart” charger?

Yes, the Legrand charger is a networked level 2 EV charger. It connects to the internet via a 4G cellular connection and can be accessed remotely, using the AmpUp Charging Solution and EV Driver app.

Q: Can I charge two vehicles at the same from one EV charger?

No, each EV charger has only (1) charging port.  
However, the XEVPED2 pedestal allows for (2) chargers to be mounted on either side of the unit, one on the front and the other on the back. This instance allows for charging of (2) vehicles from the same pedestal, but the purchase of (2) individual EV Chargers (LNA-EVC1-48-SV1) would be required for that level of charging ports.

Q: How much power does the charger draw when it is not charging a vehicle?

When in standby mode, the charger meets ENERGY STAR standards for energy consumption.

Q: Is the EV charger hardwired or plug-in?

The unit comes with an external power supply cable that must be electrically wired.

Q: Are there different colors or customizable options available?

Customization options, such as color and logos, are subject to minimum order quantity. Please reach out to your Legrand sales representative for more information.

Q: Has the charging cable been tested for flexibility in cold weather temps?

The cable on the EV charger has an operational temperature range from -22F to 122F.

Q: Does the charger come with any RFID cards in the box?

The charger does not include any RFID cards but is compatible with RFID cards operating on the 13.56 MHz frequency. This allows existing access cards to be re-purposed for both access control and charging authorization.

Q: Do I need a junction box to make the connections, or can I just make them inside the pedestal?

A weatherproof junction box and cover is required with a minimum (4) 1” trade size conduit openings.  We recommend a 3-gang, deep box with 55 cu.in. volume, installed to meet local electrical codes.

Q: What size conduit connections are required?

1” trade size for LFNC-B conduit.

Q: What size mounting bolts are required?

½” x 5” wedge anchors are provided for existing concrete installs.  For new concrete pours, mounting kit XEVPEDCMKIT can be purchased separately containing  ½” x 8” L-bolts and mounting template.  

Q: Does the retractor lock when the cable is extended?

Yes. Simply pull on the cable to the desired length and allow the retractor to lock in place.  To release, pull slightly on the cable to release the locking mechanize and allow the cable to retract.

Q: Can a replacement retractor be purchased?

Yes. Part number XEVPEDCMRR

Q: What color touch up paint should be used?

RAL 7040 Window Gray

Q: What is the total height of the pedestal?

83.5” tall


Q: How do you install the EV charger?

Installation instructions are provided for both the EV Charger Unit and the Pedestal. The chargers already come factory configured with the AmpUp Charging Solution and provides a streamlined setup process out of the box.

Q: Can I install the EV charger myself or is an electrician required?

This EV charger must be installed by a licensed electrician.

Q: Do I need an EV specialist to install the Legrand EV charger?

No, the Legrand EV charger comes factory ready for use. Once properly installed by an electrician the unit can be commissioned in a matter of minutes.

Q: How many chargers can be installed on (1) circuit?

Legrand recommends that each charger be installed on its own circuit with a dedicated 60A breaker for 48A of output power. See instructions for lower amperage options; may be dependent on local electrical laws.

Q: Can the Legrand EV Charger be installed both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, the Legrand EV Charger can be installed both indoors and outdoors, as long as cellular coverage is available.

Q: What are the different installation options?

The Legrand EV Charger is available in three different mounting options: wall mount, single pedestal, or back-to-back pedestal. (Pedestals are sold separately).

Q: What infrastructure is required to install these chargers?

The Legrand EV charger requires an electrical connection at each installation site. Consult a licensed electrician for your specific electrical infrastructure needs.

Q: Can I install this charger in a residential home?

No, a single-family home does not require many of the features included in the Legrand charger (i.e. 4G networked connection and RFID card reader); for this reason, the charger would not make sense financially or functionally for residential use.


Q: Is there a fee to use the AmpUp Charging Solution?

Building owners or facility managers are required to have a subscription with AmpUp in order for the EV charger to function appropriately. The subscription includes activation of the included SIM card for network connectivity and access to the smart capabilities of the charger. AmpUp offers tiered services to meet the needs of any customer from small private commercial buildings to large fleets. For information on the current pricing, visit ampup.io.

Q: Do you have to pay a service charge for the 4G connection (like a cell phone plan)?

The cellular connection fee is included in the AmpUp subscription fee.

Q: Who is the cellular provider for the 4G connection?

The charger utilizes a Twilio Super SIM and can connect to all major cellular carriers and is designed to automatically connect to the service provider with the best connection.

Q: Can the EV Charger be purchased without AmpUp installed?

No, the Legrand charger comes factory configured with AmpUp only.

Q: Is a cellular connection required for each individual charger to become connected?

Yes, a 4G connection is required at each individual charger. The cellular service is included as part of the AmpUp subscription, and each charger comes pre-installed with a SIM card.

Q: Can I use software other than AmpUp on this charger?

Legrand chargers are OCPP 1.6 compliant which allows the chargers to work with other CPOs (Charge Point Operators) software. Please contact the OCPP 1.6 compliant CPO you would like to use with the Legrand chargers before purchasing hardware as each CPO may have different processes and require pretesting of the hardware.

Q: Can I track my energy consumption?

Yes, the AmpUp Community Manager site host can track energy consumption by site, charger, or user.

Q: Can I schedule times to charge my vehicle? If so, how?

Yes, end-users can contact AmpUp to learn how to schedule charge times at individual locations.

Q: Can I control who has access to the EV charger?

Yes, using the AmpUp Community Manager the site host can control who has access to the charger via an RFID card reader or the AmpUp EV Driver app. RFID cards can be ordered from AmpUp or created and distributed by the facility.

Q: Does an end user need to have the AmpUp Driver App to use the charger?

No, a charge can be started with a registered RFID card or through the web app. The site manager can also start charging users remotely. The app is required for stations used for public access.

Q: If a customer reserves a space, how do they know what space to use when they arrive?

The AmpUp reservation feature does not reverse specific spaces. If a user reserves a space, they may use any of the available spaces at that location. If 2 spaces are reserved and there are only 2 left, someone who tries to use either of those spaces will be prompted that the space is reserved, and they cannot use it.

Q: Does the charger automatically shut off when done charging?

Yes, when charging is complete the indicator light will go from blinking green to solid green, and the vehicle will stop charging.

Q: Can I charge end users for the power they consume?

Yes, using the AmpUp Community Manager the site host can setup payment options for charging vehicles.

Q: What are the accepted forms of payment?

Payments can be accepted through the AmpUp EV Driver app. All major credit cards are accepted. (Apple Pay also accepted).

Q: Can this charger be “dumb” or unnetworked?

No, the charger must be connected to the cellular network and have a service plan selected for it to be functional.

Q: How can I set-up my recently purchased EV charger?

After purchasing a Legrand EV Charger, AmpUp will provide a training session to the facility owner/manager on how to manage their EV charger units.

Q: Are the EV charger and pedestal listed for use in the US and Canada?

Yes, the Legrand EV Charger is listed for use in both the US and Canada.

Errors & Help

Q: What do I do if there is an issue with my Legrand EV Charger (i.e. who should be contacted for support)?

AmpUp provides 24/7 customer service. Their contact phone number is on the charging unit itself as well as in the AmpUp Community Manager. Issues can be diagnosed by AmpUp through the networked connection.  

If AmpUp support diagnoses the issue as a hardware failure, Legrand customer service should be contacted through your Legrand sales representative. 

Q: Can the charging cable be user-replaced?

Yes, the charging cable can be replaced in the case of damage to the cable.

Q: Who does the End User contact if the charger is not working properly?

End Users are able to call the AmpUp helpline number located on the sticker on the front of the charger for support. They can also be prompted to contact the site manager through the AmpUp Driver App if an automated message was set up.

Q: What can the site manager do to correct failures in the EV charger?

Units can be soft and hard reset remotely from the AmpUp Community Manager.


Q: What is the warranty policy?

AmpUp provides 24/7 customer service. Their contact phone number is on the charging unit itself as well as in the AmpUp Community Manager. Issues can be diagnosed by AmpUp through the networked connection.  

If AmpUp support diagnoses the issue as a hardware failure, Legrand customer service should be contacted through your Legrand sales representative. 

Q: When there’s a power outage, is there a start delay once power is restored to prevent a power surge?

Yes, the EV charger unit includes surge protection.

Ordering Information

Q: What is included with the charger?

The charger comes with the hardware required to mount the charger on a wall or a pedestal. The cable management hook and plug holder is sold separately from the charger. If ordering a single or dual-sided pedestal, the cable management hook and plug holder is included as part of the pedestal.

Q: What is included with the pedestal?

Both the single-sided and dual-sided pedestal includes the pedestal itself, mounting hardware, and the cable management hook and plug holder. The dual-sided pedestal includes sets of the hook and holder for both sides. The base cover for the pedestal is sold separately.

Incentive Programs

Q: Does the Legrand Electric Vehicle Charger qualify for any incentive programs?

Yes, the Commercial EV Charger meets the qualifications set by several incentive programs. To see which programs the charger is currently approved for, as well as programs in your state, visit our EV Incentives Page.

Q: What types of incentives are available for EV Chargers in general?

State governments and utilities providers may offer cash incentives related to the following factors: having one or more chargers on property, rebates on installation cost, tax credits, grants, or energy rate discounts.

Q: What criteria determine whether I qualify to receive these incentives?

a. The state and city in which your business/owned building is located 

b. Whether the access to your charger is Public or Private access to chargers  

c. The energy provider for your business  

d. Whether the unit is installed on a new or existing construction project 

e. If the unit is located in a disadvantaged community  

f. Whether or not your unit is Energy Star Certified

Q: What are some common application requirements I should be aware of?

Most rebate programs require you to fill out a basic application form, detailing your business’s information and the charger you are choosing to install. The cost of installation rebate programs may require a site evaluation from a program representative, a detailed site plan, and/or proof of permits for construction. Others may require only proof of purchase of a qualified EV charger to receive payment.

Q: Should I purchase Legrand chargers before or after applying to programs?

This depends on a few factors. Some incentive programs will require you to wait to purchase chargers until you have provided supplemental documentation to ensure your business and chosen equipment qualify. 

Others will not allow you to collect a rebate until you have purchased and fully installed your charging equipment, as you may be required to submit the receipt of purchase. 

Make sure that you have reviewed the purchasing requirements of the program you are interested in before placing your order with Legrand.

Q: How long do these incentive programs run?

Most programs do not operate on a set timeline and remain open for applications only if funding is still available. Therefore, it’s important to apply to incentive programs that apply to your business as soon as possible to ensure your application will be processed.