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Infinium Quantum™ Fiber

Legrand’s complete fiber offering has redefined performance in the data center, delivering the most advanced network systems: Infinium™ Quantum, Ultra, and Core. While all others have stopped at Ultra Low Loss, we have taken Fiber to a Quantum level.

Improved by an order of magnitude – The Infinium Quantum Fiber system offers the lowest total system loss on the market, opening the opportunity to challenge the limits of what was previously impossible.   With a total channel attenuation of 0.75 dB the IQ Solution is ideal for AI, hyperscale, cloud, supercomputing, and other high bandwidth demand environments. Our proven, proprietary manufacturing process ensures consistent performance to maximize capability, resiliency, and usability.
Options for 12 and 24 fiber connectivity

Options for high density or modular mounting offer a versatile installation.

Lowest Total Channel Connection Loss – 67% Improvement Over Standard Systems

Single-mode total channel connection loss: 0.75dB. Single-mode total channel connection return loss: -52dB. Multimode total channel connection loss 0.75dB. Multimode total channel connection return loss: -34 dB.

Future Proofing – Open Path to 400G and Beyond

Reduces or eliminates the need to replace link to meet the demands of 400G and beyond. Offers the ability to add cross connections, signal drops, splitting, or switching components into the link for a particular transmission distance.

OPEX Savings and Corporate Social Responsibility

Reduce overall energy consumption – up to 30% reduction in power consumption for transceivers.