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Walkerflex® Modular Access Floor Wiring System

Walkerflex is a modular in-floor power distribution system featuring standardized cable, connectors and prewired junction boxes that allow for faster on-site deployment of power. The system is designed to be used in raised floor applications and open ceiling concepts. Power is provided to prewired distribution boxes that allow for easy connections with prewired cable sets between the distribution boxes and points of use. Legrand floor boxes and poke-thrus can be modularized to provide a single snap-in connection to the power distribution system. Additional services are to be ran independently of the Walkerflex system.

Due to the modular wiring system design, Walkerflex is the perfect solution to provide your workspace the flexibility for moves, adds, and changes. Learn more about the system with the content and resources below.

Top Resources:

System Features

Cable sets can be plugged end-to-end, without extra couplings, for faster installation with fewer parts.

Additional Resources:

Resource Description Resource Type Link to Download
BIM Models Revit (.RFA) Link
BrochureAcrobat (PDF)Link
Cut Sheet Acrobat (PDF) Link
Guide Form Specs Microsoft Word (.DOC) Link
Installation Instructions Acrobat (PDF) Link
Quick Tips Acrobat (PDF) Link
Securing Walkerflex Under Raised FloorAcrobat (PDF)Link
Sell SheetAcrobat (PDF)Link