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Easy Kit, Easy Smart Upgrade

Simply add a Smart Gateway to start taking advanced control of lights and power.

Sometimes, getting smarter is actually pretty easy. With the radiant® Easy Kits, getting enhanced functionality through smart control is as simple as adding a Smart Gateway. Using  the “with Netatmo” platform for smart home control, the Smart Gateway establishes a robust, dedicated network and then connects to your kit’s installed wired and wireless devices to start providing app control from anywhere, compatibility with other smart products and much more. Even expanding your new smart system is easy thanks to the wide array of smart switches, dimmers and outlets available with Netatmo.

How to Upgrade to Smart

App Control

Easily create lighting groups, scenes and schedules to simplify daily life, while taking control of lights and power, from anywhere, with the Legrand Home + Control app.

Thanks to Netatmo’s open API, your smart lighting solutions can even be integrated into third-party home automation systems for added layers of complete and comprehensive control.