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Find Money in Your Fixtures
We live in a world where better and smarter technologies are saving money and reducing the stress we put on the environment. But your home may be stuck in the past with outdated fixtures and technologies that drain your energy — and your wallet. Sometimes remembering to turn off the lights simply is not enough.

The good news is that in as little as 15 minutes you can upgrade your home with some simple, smart technologies that will save cash and create a greener home. Legrand has several do-it-yourself products for the home that will not only help you find extra money by reducing your electricity bill, but also upgrade to a greener, smarter and more user-friendly environment.

Fifteen Minutes

We aren’t kidding when we say that it only takes 15 minutes to install the adorne® collection of Energy-Saving On/Off Outlets. In fact, it may take even less time than that. It’s a simple outlet that fits your existing electrical box and doesn’t require new wires for a typical installation. Combined with an adorne wall plate, the new outlet uses a snap-in system for simple installation. Further, the outlet allows you to stop the flow of power to a device when it’s not in use, stopping the dreaded “vampire” effect of devices that go into standby mode and continuously drain power even when not being used.

Multi-Use Designs

Another way to improve outlet performance is to utilize combined technologies for particular spaces in your home. Do you know where you like to charge up devices most frequently? Then stop clogging up outlets with USB chargers by integrating them directly into the outlet with Pass & Seymour® USB Charging Devices. Have areas of your home that require a little extra light? Don’t use full-sized lamps when Pass & Seymour Night Lights can give you greater visibility at a reduced cost.

Bring the Lights Down Low

Also worth consideration, is the lighting in your home. While there are times where it’s nice to have the lights at full strength, there are many occasions where it can be both more cost effective and soothing to dim the lights with the radiant® collection of dimmers. Again, a quick installation and compatibility with nearly every dimmable lamp, load and fixture, make this a fast fix for finding savings.

Bring the Home in Synch

Perhaps the biggest step you can take to find substantial savings is to install a home automation system, such as the Intuity Home Automation Solution. The benefits of a true next-generation home include complete control over a home’s lighting, entertainment, security, comfort and convenience. Along with dictating the power consumption of your home – and thus realizing extensive savings – the system integrates with the other products listed above. (This may be best initiated with a 15-minute phone call to your local home automation expert).

Focus on the Right Use

As you can quickly see, there are multiple ways to realize tangible savings in your fixtures and outlets, but the most important steps are to take a look at the multiple ways in which Legrand products and technologies can help you upgrade your home to be more efficient, cost-effective and greener.