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Myths About Your First Smart Home Setup
Setting up your first smart home system opens your home to a world of efficient, secure and convenient solutions. But there’s no denying it can also be an intimidating experience.

If you’ve thought about making the leap but worry that your nagging concerns will become a reality, we understand — and we’re here to tell you that there’s not nearly as much to fret about as you might think.

Here are a few myths about your first smart home that we will help bust or confirm.

Myth: Upgrading to a smart home setup is going to be expensive

The good news is you don’t have to completely upgrade your smart home all at once. You can start out with simple smart home products such as crockpots, outlets and light bulbs. Also, one simple-to-install voice assistant such as the Amazon Alexa or Google Home will bring the system together, which is a great help in getting your foot to the door without needing to completely commit to an entire home system.

Over time, you can continue to add products and solutions to gradually build onto your smart home system such as the Wi-Fi Ready Lighting Starter Kit from adorne, which integrates with the Amazon Alexa and Google Home for comprehensive home control.

Verdict: Taking a step-by-step approach toward building up your smart home provides a great level of financial flexibility.

Myth: Interoperability is hard to come by

Spending money on a smart product only to find that it doesn’t operate with the rest your smart home setup is undeniably frustrating and discouraging. Fortunately, smart home assistants such as the Amazon Alexa and Google Home are aware of this issue and provide official lists of products they support. This way, before you make an addition to your smart home, you can rest assured the product you’re purchasing will fit seamlessly into your system.

Verdict: Although we can’t completely destroy this myth, with quick and easy research you can be assured to find the ideal product for your smart home system.

Myth: The installation process is too difficult

There was a time when installing a smart home would require a dealer-based process that was both expensive and time consuming. Fortunately, that time has passed and installing smart products is becoming easier then ever before.

The voice assistant of your choice will have an app that helps you connect the other components of your home – be it control over the power and dimming of your radiant and adorne lighting systems or the ability to power on your television.

Further, these applications also come with controls and apps of their own for the times you prefer something not voice activated.

Verdict: With today's advanced apps and smart home products, the installation process is easier then ever.

Myth: Smart home devices are at a great risk of being hacked

Considering that your smart devices are connected through the Internet, the concern of a hardware security breach is a reasonable worry. But there’s good news and bad news when it comes to this issue. The bad news is there is no 100-percent guarantee that your smart home products can be protected from a hack.

The good news is that there are many approaches you can take to significantly lessen that threat. By taking steps such as installing malware protection, setting up a private and protected WiFi connection, and keeping all of your devices updated with the newest security software, you greatly reduce the chance of being opened to a hack.

Verdict: Taking the appropriate security steps can significantly reduce your chances of falling victim to a hack.