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The Westbury Mayfair Hotel
Common Areas, Restaurants and Bar

Project Challenge: The Vantage system offers the ability to control all types of lighting technologies, while also providing simplified or complex control and integration. For example, in the lobby area the system was only requires to offer automatic and automated control over the lighting while in the new Gallery area lighting control, full AV integration and mechanical integration were required. Vantage gave the client the varying levels of control they needed without having to employ a separate control system. This really simplified things for the client, who only had a single system to operate.

Solution: Vantage ticked every single box. It has the ability to control all types of lighting technologies through either a centralized or decentralized system topology, and provides simplified or complex control and integration. “Specified and installed by Strand Integration, Vantage is used throughout the hotel’s public areas, including its Michelin starred restaurant, Alyn Williams at The Westbury, Gallery restaurant and basement club.

Project Highlights: The presidential suites of this luxurious hotel now feature completely customized state-of-the-art automation systems, giving VIP guests all the comforts of home at the touch of a button. Vantage’s InFusion controller allows for future expendability, an important component for the owner as additional upgrades are planned.

A key example of Vantage’s flexibility can be seen when comparing the hotel’s lobby area, which only required automatic and automated control over the lighting, and the new Gallery restaurant and club, which required full AV and mechanical integration. Vantage is the most powerful system I the high end custom install market to deliver complete automation. It provides fully integrated intelligent control over both the dimming and switching of lighting, and other solutions such as AV, heating and security. Meanwhile its intuitive software is quicker and easier to program than any other system and the results are breathtaking; allowing a property to be shaped to specific tastes and expectations with the touch of a button.

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