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Support Employee Productivity
Enabling High-Performance Buildings with Connected Infrastructure
As more organizations focus on becoming “high performers,” there is a corresponding need for buildings that can support this goal. Thus, the concept of the high-performance building was born. The HPB encompasses a large number of different technologies and capabilities. To bring order to this and assist organizations in developing a pathway to their HPB of the future, Legrand’s connected infrastructure provides a detailed framework for services to support the initiative.

Connected Infrastructure comprises five separate focal points that work together to provide a framework for understanding the physical building infrastructure, improving employee productivity and results, and providing a much more effective management platform for facilities and IT. Developing and implementing a plan for a high-performance building is a new undertaking for the vast majority of organizations. Those who are driving the HPB initiative need the latest information and thought leadership. The use of well-documented and proven frameworks such as Legrand’s connected infrastructure will simplify that process and support a positive outcome.

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