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A Glamorous Hollywood Hills Home featuring Vantage Controls

Project Details:

Project Name: Hollywood  Hills II 
Project Location: Los Angeles, CA 
Square Footage: 6,200sq. Ft. 


A large home, consisting of eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and several different lighting load types, was the main challenge posed by this project. Large spaces can sometimes cause a problem for lighting control applications, because they require a system powerful enough to not only control a lot of loads but several load types as well. 


For Vantage, a project like this one is par for the course. Our InFusion system allows control for very large projects, spanning several different load types, enabling us to offer control for the entire house and every load type included in it. We were even able to incorporate control of the home’s 37 linear-foot fire feature that runs the length of the luxurious pool. 


While this home’s entire lighting system can be controlled from a single interface, Vantage also incorporated motion sensors throughout different rooms for additional convenience and energy savings. Among our most favorite features is the color lighting control the Vantage system was able to accommodate—at the touch of a point on the color wheel in the lighting widget, the entire home’s ambiance changes to match the chosen color. For added security, IP cameras were integrated into the system, enabling the residents to “see who’s at the gate and then decide whether or not to buzz them in.” Also included were the home’s heating and air conditioning and A/V control, providing a fully connected home, accessible at the touch of a button.