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We deliver for our dealers.

Vantage Control Systems provide the luxury experience of seamlessly combining aesthetics and technology to create control in any space. With our simple user interfaces and award-winning software, the Vantage system crafts complete lighting control that elevates everyday life. We offer unique keypad styles that fit your life and mirror your personal style. Our lighting systems are like no other with customizable scenes that flow with your schedule and cues from the earth’s natural lighting cycle creating a healthy, well-lit home. From project design to certified installers to post-installation support, we provide the complete range assistance for every facet of your project. Don’t just believe us, hear experiences from dealers like you.  

What our Dealers are saying:

ETC – Bill Maronet

“Working with Vantage has always been a great experience. Recently, we had a system that was having electrical wiring problems and Vantage immediately sent highly qualified technical support people to quickly solve it. The Vantage system is an extremely reliable product from a company with people that truly care about their dealers. Take a close look at Vantage if it is available to you in your marketplace and feel free to call and talk to me about it.”

Bdigital Technologies – Robert Melnik

“Vantage has always been an easy solution option. From sales, customer, and tech support to the ease of use for our clients, it just works. We recently installed a Lutron conversion to Vantage using EasyTouch Glass and it went seamless and our customer absolutely loved it!”

Simply AV – Michael Littleton

“Wow is what I say about Vantage. We started working with them eight years ago because we were looking for a solution that was extremely reliable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. The best thing about them is how easy the system is to program and the ease of functionality with their keypads. Many of our clients are used to buttons that are too small and hard to read, but Vantage keypads are more than legible and virtually flawless. 50%+ of our clients, who were not planning on spending money on a lighting system, end up allowing us to install Vantage Controls in their home. It sells itself and adding it to your offering is a no brainer."

President of Azione – Richard Glikes

"Vantage EasyTouch Glass keypads add a layer of elegance to spaces that wasn't there before because they look, feel, and work really nice. Vantage is a tried-and-true system that Azione members are really enjoying especially with the new profitability. Adding Vantage to your offering will dramatically increase your close ratio and your clients will enjoy the style and convenience from their keypad.”

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