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Ambulatory Lighting Controls

Emergency Room Lighting Controls

Flexible Lighting Controls from Wattstopper Enable Lighting Designs that Offer the Performance Required for Ambulatory Care Environments

When it comes to emergency departments – every second counts, the often high-stress setting is amplified when the lighting does not meet the requirements of providers and staff. Lighting designs need to support multi-use spaces, such as triage, treatment, and examinations, along with maintaining performance in a high patient volume, 24/7 facility. 

Add on top of the importance of function for patients and staff of an emergency department it is often the first impression for patients. Emergency department lighting designs should support an environment that reduces stress and increases staff effectiveness. Flexible, reliable, and programmable lighting controls can support the varied use and requirements of lighting designs for the ambulatory care environment.

Lighting Color in Exam Rooms

Color Rendering: A Critical Function for Diagnosis

Quick and accurate identification of subtle differences in color can mean the difference between life and death. Wattstopper’s precision dimming and tunable white lighting system, Human Centric Lighting, maintains the consistency in both the appearance of light and the rendering of illuminated objects.
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Dimming Lights in Exam Rooms

Flexibility: A Necessity for Staff and Patient Satisfaction

Zoned multi-level switching and continuous dimming solutions provide for the flexibility of illumination levels to meet unique hospitals standards. Wattstopper’s breadth of products for lighting controls enables lighting designs with adjustable lighting levels for ambient, exam and task lighting.
Networked Lighting Lighting Controls & Panels

Occupancy Sensors for Hospitals

Automatic-On: An Element for Infection Control

Utilizing automatic-on vacancy sensors to turn lights on in examination rooms assists in reducing the risk for infections. Wattstopper’s advanced occupancy sensors are equipped with ultrasonic and infrared sensing. Eliminating the concern of lights turning off on resting patients in exam rooms.
Occupancy Sensors

Lighting Designs that Enhance the Healing Environment

Legrand’s hands-on approach to lighting design and project management ensures state-of-the-art lighting control systems that support enhanced patient and staff satisfaction.
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Designing and building a hospital lighting system that creates an environment that heals headaches shouldn’t cause them. Legrand takes on the code and regulation complexity of hospital construction to ensure no hassle start-ups of hospital lighting systems that keep projects on-time and on budget. Count on Legrand’s Wattstopper team to support your hospital construction project from design to occupancy.