Evolution™ Series.

Floor, Wall, & Ceiling.

The Evolution Series. Poke-Thru Devices, Floor, Wall and Ceiling Boxes

From poke-thru devices to floor, wall and ceiling boxes, the Evolution Series has continued to increase device efficiency and reliability while providing durability and quality. Customizing your space and maximizing access to all the power, A/V and communications you could ever need.
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Evolution Series boxes bring power, communications and A/V to walls, floors and ceilings. Evolution adds flexibility, functionality and stylish good looks to every room you create when planning office buildings, airports, schools and hospitals.

Evolution Configurator

Use this configurator to specify a single box or create a bill of material for an entire building using multiple Evolution Series products.

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Where floor, wall and ceiling capabilities work together - and work with your decor. Delivering more A/V, power and communications exactly where you need them most.