Case Study: Overfloor Raceway Helps Reduce Tripping Hazards in the Board Room.

The Groves Memorial Hospital is a community hospital in Fergus Ontario, serving the surrounding area. Learn how a safety accident caused by cables running on the floor has triggered a successful OFR installation that solved the problem in a very short time.


The Challenge:


Groves Memorial Hospital is a small community hospital located in Fergus, Ontario serving the surrounding area.  The hospital's board members, doctors and executive staff frequently share a single board room that is equipped with power, data and A/V devices.  A multitude of loose cords and cables running along the floor of the room created a hazardous tripping environment for meeting attendees.  A tripping incident occurred that resulted in significan injury and prompted an investigation.  Change was demanded. 




The Solution:


The OFR Series Overfloor Raceway System by Legrand provided the change that Groves Memorial Hospital needed.  Groves Memorial installed an Overfloor raceway to collect all loose cables and routed them into a single termination point that includes connections for phones, data, A/V, and power. 


"You would be amazed to hear the positive feedback on how clean and easy it is to use the boardroom now.  Everybody likes the aesthetics, low profile and ease of moving equipment around over the raceway.  That was a quick and easy solution to a problem which I have experienced in the past 5 years I worked at this hospital," said Jamie Katerberg, Groves Memorial Hospital's Electrician.


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