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Commercial EV Charger Limited Warranty Details

Wiremold standard limited warranty  

Wiremold warrants, to the original purchaser or owner only, that any product manufactured and sold by Wiremold will be substantially free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, for a period of one year from the date of original installation or two years from the date of purchase, whichever is sooner. This limited warranty applies only to products, which have been installed properly in accordance with Installation Instructions supplied by Wiremold and any applicable codes and standards.  The customer is responsible for the proper installation and maintenance of the commercial EV charger.  Please see the Wiremold standard limited warranty document for more details.

Wiremold Extended Warranty Offering

Wiremold is excited to offer our customers the ability to purchase extended limited warranties on the commercial EV charger LNA-EVC1-48-XX1. These extended warranties must be purchased at an additional cost and will extend the length of the Wiremold standard limited warranty.

LNA-EVC1-48-EW3 – Extends the Wiremold limited warranty by an extra (2) years beyond the standard 1-year after-installation warranty, for a total warranty period of three (3) years.  

LNA-EVC1-48-EW5 – Extends the Wiremold limited warranty by an extra (4) years beyond the standard 1-year after-installation warranty, for a total warranty period of five (5) years.  

NOTE: Warranties are purchased on a per charger basis. If two chargers are purchased and installed on the same pedestal, the purchase of (2) extended limited warranties would be required, one for each charger. 


Wiremold’s standard limited warranty and, if purchased, any extended warranty, shall not apply to defects, damage, or repairs that result from any of the following:

  • Normal wear and tear; 

  • Alteration or modification of the Product in any way not approved in writing by Legrand;  

  • Vandalism; 

  • Harm, damage or otherwise being subjected to problems caused by negligence (including but not limited to physical damage from being hit by a vehicle or other object) or misuse, or use of the products other than as specified in the relevant documentation; 

  • Improper site preparation, installation, or maintenance; 

  • Damage caused because of mishaps, power surges, severe electromagnetic field, acts of nature/God or other reasons; or 

  • Use of the Product with software or parts not provided or specified by Legrand. 


The Wiremold standard limited warranty does not require any activation. If an extended limited warranty was purchased with the charging station, you must submit an activation package at www.legrand.us/evc-warranty . The following must be supplied to activate within six (6) months of the finished install date: 

  1. Photos of the installed charger(s) from (2) sides; 
  2. Photos of all wiring connections of the charger(s);  
  3. Photos of all of the electrical panel(s), breaker(s), and disconnect(s) feeding the charger(s); 
  4. Factory sales order number (should be included in close-out documents); and 
  5. Serial number of each of the charger(s). 

Obtaining Warranty Service: 

For warranty service you must: (a) obtain a return RMA # from Legrand by contacting customer service.