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Go Hands-Free with Touchless Light Switches, Dimmers and More

Explore motion sensors, timers, Wi-Fi light switches, even devices you turn on with the wave of a hand…

​​​​​​​When it comes to lighting control, it's time to keep your hands…or at least their messes…to yourself. Thanks to innovative touchless technology in a variety of smart, sensing or programmable light switches, Legrand offers germ- and worry-free solutions that are perfect for any home’s entryway, kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. It couldn’t be easier to turn lights on or off, touch-free.  

Hello, cleaner control. Hello, cleaner space. 

Touchless Lighting Control

Our suite of adorne® Collection motion sensor light switches pairs designer style with modern convenience. Available in manual, automatic and combination control options.

Convenient timers are perfect for controlling pantry lights, bathroom fans and more – add anywhere you might forget to turn a switch off manually. Available from the adorne® and radiant® Collections.

The right lighting doesn’t just transform a room. It changes the way you live in it.

Turn on peace of mind with 99.9% cleaner and more durable devices. Now available from the adorne® Collection, Legrand offers antimicrobial switches, dimmers and wall plates that inhibit the growth of bacteria for the entire lifetime of the product.

The convenience of app control is just the beginning. Use smart switches, dimmers and outlets with Netatmo to automate lighting schedules, create scenes, connect with other smart solutions for voice command and more.