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Limiting the Environmental Impact of Our Products

In the current CSR Roadmap, Legrand has deepened and expanded its commitment to reduce carbon emissions. We readily acknowledge that the earth is in the throes of a climate crisis.

Science Based Targets

Our company stepped up to the climate challenge in 2016 when we pledged to reduce our organization’s carbon emissions in accordance with the Science Based Targets Initiative – a globally recognized program created to drive down emissions in the private sector.

Our 2030 Targets

Reducing Carbon Emissions Across Three Categories

Our Priorities

Our carbon footprint reduction priorities compel us to implement energy efficiency improvement projects across our own operations and to deploy renewable energy at our manufacturing sites, wherever feasible.

Since most of our carbon emissions occurs upstream, we are also encouraging our suppliers to formally commit to reducing their carbon emissions.

Finally, we are committed to providing energy efficient products to our customers to help them avoid carbon emissions.
Reducing Our Shipping Emissions

Legrand has been an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) SmartWay Transport Partner since 2015.

As a result, whenever possible, we use certified SmartWay carriers with drivers who have been trained in environmentally sound practices, such as minimizing idle time, to reduce our transportation-related emissions.

We also encourage our partners to register with this program.

Teaming Up with the Department of Energy to Reduce Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Legrand North & Central America committed to three Better Plants Challenges and has collectively reduced its energy intensity by 28% from a 2009 baseline.

This reduction was achieved through a combination of technology, process, and behavioral changes – including installing occupancy sensors and replacing fluorescent bulbs with LED lights.

In 2022, Legrand also joined the DOE’s Better Climate Challenge with a commitment to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 50% within 10 years

Moving to Zero Carbon Company Vehicles

To reduce our organization’s carbon emissions, we have begun transitioning our fleet of vehicles from gas powered to fully electric or plug-in hybrid models.

This will help us achieve our goal to be carbon neutral by 2050.

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