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Jobs at Legrand

Legrand offers a number of different hourly career opportunities, ranging from logistics and manufacturing, to transportation, to customer service. With dozens of locations across the country and an ever-growing demand for expansion, we are constantly looking for motivated individuals to add to our team. Choose the location and career path that's right for you!

At Legrand, we are driven to design products, systems and services that provide better customer experiences. That same sentiment applies to the experiences of our employees. We are not satisfied to simply have the boldest and brightest talent in our industry - we want to provide our talented people with the resources to live comfortably and the pathways and the to achieve individual career goals.


Brenda Lee - Fort Mill
Brenda Lee

Inventory Cycle Counter Lead

4 Years @ Legrand

"Legrand is a friendly and welcoming environment. Supervisors are always helping to guide and teach along the way which helped me earn the role of Inventory Lead. Legrand has a good flexible schedule; they offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift for anyone. Legrand also focuses on facility safety means coming home safely to your family. They really do care about their employees and treat them like family."

Angela Oates - Fort Mill
Angela Oates

Warehouse Specialist

4 Years @ Legrand

"I enjoy working for Legrand because there is so many opportunities within the company to grow and advance.  Wages are fair with the opportunity for merit increase that advances pay. The benefits are excellent including 401k.  Ample work insures no less than a 40-hours work week."

Cedric White - Fort Mill
Cedric White

Warehouse Lead

1.5 Years at Legrand

"What I like about Legrand is that everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to our daily and monthly goals. I love that I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job; I love having a voice. Professionally there is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals all revolving around helping each other.  I have not found that at other corporations."

Tammy Mobley - Fort Mill
Tammy Mobley

Material Handler

3 Years at Legrand

"I love the good management, the environment, the cross training and the opportunity to advance and earn more money.  Overtime is great and benefits such as 401K is a plus.  Finally, I love the fact that our company is growing and that means I still have a job and never have to worry about getting laid-off."