At Legrand, we believe that people and teams should be recognized each and every day. We do this by saying “Thank you” and small and large-scale celebrations. We also believe that more formal recognition highlights successes across and between brands.

Recognition Programs

Pursuit of Excellence

Pursuit of Excellence

The Pursuit of Excellence is the way we do business across Legrand North America. Every day, in all that we do, we look for ways to increase customer satisfaction, gain productivity, achieve our growth objectives and take a step-by-step approach to improvement. Each step takes us closer to reaching our Vision – to be the premier choice for electrical and network infrastructure products, systems and solutions. Our culture supports recognizing the exceptional work of the people and teams across our business. One way we do this is through the Pursuit of Excellence Awards.

There are four types of Pursuit of Excellence Awards:

(1.)  We start with quarterly Spotlight Awards where individuals and teams are recognized for extraordinary effort in their current role.
(2.)  Individuals and teams from across each business are also recognized each quarter with Achievement Awards. This award is given when the nominated person or team made a contribution to the company that left positive, lasting results.
(3.)  Near the end of the year, New Heights Awards are selected from the Achievement Awards by the business entity leaders.
(4.)  Finally, the Summit Award is determined by the Legrand leadership team. This award is goes to the New Heights project that most exemplifies the spirit and values of this program.

Circle of Excellence emblem

Circle of Excellence

The Circle of Excellence award program recognizes sales individuals who have achieved significant success resulting in business results. Awards are given each year to honor:

  • Best Sales Performers by Brand\Division
  • Most Valuable Player per Brand\Division
  • Rookie of the Year for LNA
  • Regional Manager of The Year per Brand\Division