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FAQ: Installation Support

Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need to install?

To install adorne products, you only need to use the same tools that would be used for traditional switches, outlets, etc.  A screwdriver, pliers, and possibly a wire cutter/stripper are all the tools you would need. adorne products are designed to be installed into standard electrical boxes and wiring systems that are already present in your home.

Does it fit in my existing electrical box?

Yes, adorne products are designed to fit into your existing electrical box, and to replace your existing electrical devices (switch, outlet, dimmer, GFCI).

My sofTap, Touch, or Wave Switch won't work.

Make sure that the mounting frame is connected to a ground wire and that the device is fully inserted into the frame.  The sofTap, Touch, and Wave switches and dimmers must be inserted into the frame in order to function.  Watch our how-to video for more info on installing an adorne switch.

Can I use my SensaDimmer with other switches?

The adorne SensaDimmer can be wired in conjunction with a 3-way switch.

Can my switch be used in a 4-way application?

The adorne Paddle Switch is available in a 4-way version.  All other switches are single-pole/3-way only.

I wired my adorne switch per the instructions, but it won't work.

First, double-check that the switch is correctly wired. If issues persist, please contact Technical Support for further assistance at 1-877-295-3472.

I need help wiring my adorne switches.

You can find a full, searchable instruction library and our step-by-step how-to videos here.  Or, contact our technical support team by completing this form or calling 1.877.295.3472.

How do I install the adorne Accent Nightlight?

Click here for detailed installation instructions.

How do I install the adorne Locator Status Light?

Detailed instructions are included with the device. You can also download them here.

How do I install two adorne USB outlets side by side?

Two adorne USB Outlets fit in a standard 1-gang adorne plate.  Simply wire each outlet and then snap them side-by-side into an adorne frame.  Please note - if you are replacing a single device you will need to pigtail new wire off of the existing wire in order to install two items versus one. 

Why can't my adorne GFCI Outlet and adorne USB Outlet fit in the same 1-gang plate?

The adorne GFCI Outlet has a large backbody and cannot be combined with another 1-module item in a 1-Gang, 3-Module Plate. 

What is the depth requirement for an adorne Pop-Out Outlet?

The adorne Pop-Out Outlet requires a minimum box volume of 22.5 cubic inches. For the single-circuit plastic box, the minimum depth required is 3". For multi-circuit and metal boxes, the minimum depth required is 3-1/2".

Does the adorne Pop-Out Outlet require a special electrical box?

Most adorne devices fit in all existing NEMA-approved boxes. However, the adorne Pop-Out Outlet requires a minimum 22.5 cubic inch box size for proper installation. Click here for installation instructions.

Can I control an adorne Outlet with an adorne Switch?

Yes, an adorne switch can be used to control an outlet.  If you are replacing an existing switch that controls an existing outlet, simply swap it out with any adorne switch. 

If you are trying to add a new switch to control an outlet, replace the existing outlet with the adorne Wireless Outlet and then add the adorne Wi-Fi Ready Remote sofTap Switch and connect it to power.  Then wirelessly "bind" the switch to the outlet by following the included instructions.

Do you have an instruction manual for the system?

Yes.  You can find all system instruction sheets in our easy-to-use installation instruction library.  Or, you can access how-to videos in our gallery here.

Where can I get installation instructions for the adorne Direct Wire Modular Track?

Click here for detailed installation instructions.

How do I lay out my system?

We offer a layout request form to have our team of experts plan your system for you. You can also visit a lighting showroom or talk to a contractor to get help in planning your system.  Find a showroom near you here.

How can I wire the system without using a control box?

You can use the Direct Wire Modular Track. This allows you to control the lights in your system via a switch on the wall instead of the integrated control box.

How are the LED Linear Light and Puck Light connected to the system?

The LED Linear and Puck Light are connected by plugging their cords into the receptacle locations along the modular track.  Click here for detailed installation instructions.

Can the LED Puck or Linear Lights be installed without a modular track?

No. In order for the adorne lights to work, they must be connected to the system by plugging into the modular track. 

How do I install the adorne Digital Music Kit?

The Digital Music Kit simply snaps into any two module locations along the system track.  Learn more about pairing their Bluetooth functionality here.

How do I install an adorne Control Box?

Watch our How-To video here.

What is the difference between installing wired versus wireless adorne devices?

Wired devices must be connected directly to a load.  Wireless master devices must also be directly connected to a load, but they can then be wirelessly "linked" with wireless remote devices which are only connected to power.  This eliminates the need to run additional wiring to a new switch location, for instance. 

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