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How to Paint a Rainbow Fridge

Adding style with unique kitchen updates, including USB charging from the radiant® Collection.

October 11, 2019

Blogger Ashley from athomewithashley.com gave her kitchen a makeover, complete with a rainbow fridge and USB charging outlets from the radiant® Collection.

Read more from Ashley below:

We switched out all of the outlets and light switches in our kitchen for new ones from The radiant Collection by Legrand! They have such cool features- they’re seriously game changers. I know that it might sound lame that I’m so excited by outlets, but let me show you why I love them!

One item we added was the radiant Wireless Charger. It is installed over a normal 2 prong outlet and makes it so you can put your Qi enabled phone in the holder and it charges!!! Plus the outlet also has a USB port so you can charge a second item at once AND still have both outlets available! This is where I do all my charging so it’s really nice to fully take advantage of this outlet now!

​​​​​​​Read the full article on Ashley's blog.

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