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One Room Challenge: Colorful Kitchen Reveal

Accenting a colorful backsplash with the adorne® Collection.

November 17, 2017
Blogger Leslie of TheLeslieStyle.com completed the One Room Challenge in her new kitchen. She accented her colorful backsplash with Brushed Brass Wall Plates from the adorne® Collection

Read more from Leslie below:

Finishing the One Room Challenge is just like finishing a marathon…except that you’ve used up every favour from every human you know in order to run it, and you’re left with a dreamy space after instead of the soarest feet on earth…otherwise it’s exactly the same…I definitely cried at like two points which is totally like a marathon. lol…but seriously.

Hmmm how can I explain this kitchen. It’s not a style I don’t think but it is a feeling. I wanted to create a kitchen that felt like it could be in our family for a really long time and that it belonged to us. I wanted it to feel like us.

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