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Smart Lighting at Chip Wade's Pinhoti Peak

Need inspiration? See how smart home expert and professional designer Chip Wade incorporated Legrand smart lighting solutions into his Pinhoti Peak showhouse.

October 18, 2023

Thanks to his expertise in construction, carpentry and design, Chip Wade’s projects are always sure to wow, and his Pinhoti Peak showhouse is no expection. A modern mountain oasis, the home nestles perfectly into a wooded backdrop with stunningly cozy interiors that combine cutting-edge amenities with natural textures. Plus, there are plenty of spaces throughout the property that make the most of its panoramic views.

One way Chip primed Pinhoti Peak for enjoyment and relaxation was by using technology to its full advantage, including the integration of smart lighting through Legrand’s “with Netatmo” system.

Designed to help enhance a space’s atmosphere by adjusting the lighting to fit any task or mood,  Smart Lighting with Netatmo also provides comfort, convenience, even energy savings, through automation and easy app control.

Plus, as a solution available from Legrand’s designer collections, Chip was able to incorporate the smart functionality while complementing Pinhoti Peak’s luxurious aesthetic.

See more about how Chip integrated Legrand’s Smart Lighting solutions throughout his Pinhoti Peak project here.

Or hear more from Chip himself about the advantages of Legrand’s Smart Lighting solutions with these videos.