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Tips for Designing Your Home Gym

How to set up an ideal space for any at-home workout.

July 21, 2020
Reaping the physical and mental benefits of a consistent exercise routine is a great way to practice self-care… especially during a global pandemic.

From reducing stress to boosting your immune system, exercise in the time of COVID-19 can help safeguard your health in a variety of ways. But since staying well during COVID could also mean cancelling that gym membership, finding a workout routine that works at home is key. With a host of options like high-performance machines, online classes, free weights, and more, figuring out how to exercise at home might be a lot easier than you think. But what about the where?

What does it take to create a safe, conducive workout room within your house?

​​​​​​​ Here are a few things to consider when designing a home gym, no matter which workout methods you prefer.
#1: Power your workout safely.
When creating a designated space for fitness in the home, basement and garage gyms are common choices. Frequently spacious and relatively private, these rooms have obvious potential. But they also happen to require ground fault protection to meet National Electrical Code. To make sure your space is up to safety standards, consider using GFCI outlets for home gyms in these areas. Also, if you plan to use any powered piece of equipment, such as a treadmill, elliptical, or Peloton bike, don’t let its hefty electrical cable introduce additional safety hazards. Managing and protecting your cords is an important part of your home gym setup, keeping the floor clear to prevent injury (or embarrassment) from tripping, as well as reducing the risk of damage to your equipment.

#2: Optimize your space with tech support.
Whether used to stream at-home barre workouts, or select the perfect song to pump you up before some deadlifts, a modern home gym deserves a network connection you can count on. Establishing a strong foundation for reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout an entire home, gym space included, means selecting the right equipment. From powerful routers to well-placed access points, make sure your gym includes the quality wireless network needed for watching and listening to whatever you want, without interruption. Additionally, if you are looking to include a flat screen TV for instruction or entertainment while working out, opt for a streamlined installation to make sure the space stays neat and inviting. Select cord covers to discreetly hide unsightly wires, or if you are handy, easily run cables behind the wall for a seamless look, no electrician needed, using DIY kits. (Note: These products are also a great option when installing wall-mounted equipment like MIRROR or Tonal devices.) Finish the install with premium mounts for the TV, soundbar, and any speakers, maximizing floor space and maintaining a clean, open atmosphere – which can make a huge difference in keeping you motivated to go work out. Also, make sure phones and tablets are easily within reach, charged and ready for use, with built-in USB outlets. With easy-to-install ultra-fast versions, as well as in-wall wireless options for Qi-enabled phones, you can stream your workout playlist or yoga flow, or just recoup some battery, without sacrificing an outlet that might be needed to power other gym equipment.

#3: Add convenient control.
Working up a sweat is a given in any home gym. So, including temperature control options right in the room is a worthy consideration. Ceiling fans can help keep you cool without disrupting the temperature preference of the rest of the house. And, with sleek on-wall fan control options that are easy to install, you can bypass the pesky old-school fan pulls that just get in the way. Another control option that’s a clever addition for home gyms are occupancy or motion sensors. These devices automatically turn the lights on when you enter, and off with you leave, for ultimate convenience as well as easy energy savings. Or for manual lighting controls, try hands-free options that turn on with a wave, no risk of germs; or, switches in darker finishes, like graphite or magnesium, which are perfect for hiding sweaty smudges or fingerprints while still blending in with a modern gym aesthetic.

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