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There are some rooms in the house, such as the bedroom or media room, where picking the perfect shading solution can be more complicated. Perhaps homeowners want to preserve the view or light during the day with lighting filtering fabric but also want blackout for sleep or movie night. In those situations, Legrand’s dual shade bracket system allows dealers to easily install two shades on a single window, providing flexibility in light management, style, privacy, and choice. Here are the many benefits of dual shades to be aware of: 

1. Increases Revenue 

Typically, dual shades are requested for bedrooms or main living spaces, however, there’s no reason an entire home couldn’t benefit from such a flexible shading system. If a homeowner agrees to have dual shades on an entire project, it can double the revenue! 

2. It’s an Upsell 

It’s easier to sell to a customer you already have than to acquire new business. Once you’ve won over the customer and secured the project, suggest dual shades and explain the benefits they provide. It’s not unusual on projects for at least one or more windows to be converted to dual shades. 

3. Minimal Effort 

Dual shades don’t require more installation work than you’re already doing. There’s no need to go back and perform additional measurements. Legrand Shading Systems uses one set of brackets for both shades. You don’t even need to move your ladder since programming is all done in that same window. 

4. Flexibility 

Only able to run one wire to the window? No problem. In addition to being able to make them both shades wired or battery operated, you can also wire one shade while the other is battery-operated — all on the same dual bracket. Similar to single shades, Legrand’s dual offering is available for each supported bracket size: Fascia is available for 2.6” and 3.3” bracket sizes while the 4.3” dual bracket system is designed for pockets, allowing for systems as small as 15.5” or as wide as 156” x 180.” They are also compatible with room darkening hardware like side channels and sill angles. 

5. Happy Customers 

Good lighting is the pièce de résistance in any home, and the ability to control it with shading options is even better. Dual shades give customers true flexibility for controlling natural light in their home with no compromises! 

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