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It’s Fun to Shade at the YMCA

There’s a number of reasons why Kay & Sons partners with Legrand commercial shading, but VP and General Manager Brian Calder has some specifics. “Legrand bolsters our company’s reputation. Their ability to fulfill orders and the ease of working with them helps us stay in front as a competitor in the marketplace.”

In the summer of 2019, Kay & Sons was contracted to install shading for a 13,800 square footage pool area of the Willow Grove YMCA in the nearby town of Hatboro. Though the job came specified for the shade product of another manufacturer, Kay & Sons went with Legrand. With faster delivery and service, the overall cost effectiveness of Legrand proved advantageous for the project.

Housing four Olympic-sized pools, the indoor swimming area at the Willow Grove YMCA needed a reliable shading system that could accommodate the constant moisture and humidity of its interior. With anti-rust, zinc-plated brackets and durable, water-resistant fabric, Legrand commercial shading was the perfect fit for this unique project.

But wait, there’s more: The folks at Willow Grove YMCA like their Legrand shades so much that they are bringing back Kay & Sons to install new Legrand shading for the enormous, south-facing windows of their gymnastic room.