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Smart Home Trends in 2024

Our homes just keep getting smarter. With innovative technology in lighting, appliances, energy consumption and more, smart home devices are changing the way we live. Smart home trends in 2024 are anticipated to be even smarter, thanks to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and increased accessibility. The experience of using smart home technology and integrating various systems in the home is more seamlessly fitting into our lives. Once reserved for luxury spaces, smart home systems have become the norm for many Americans, helping to simplify and automate daily tasks and to-dos.

Home Tech Trends to Look Out for in 2024

Smart home systems are becoming increasingly personalized and automated for our unique needs. And, as the number of systems and technologies used in the home increases, compatibility between them will get easier. Here are three home tech trends expected to gain steam in 2024.


The latest smart home standard, Matter, is an innovative protocol that simplifies the configuration and management of smart home devices so that everything works together. Matter is the answer to the problem of various home devices not communicating well with one another. And the biggest names in technology, like Amazon, Google, and Apple, are all on board with the standardized ecosystem. So, what does that mean? Using a Matter hub and a smart home platform app, you can control Matter-compatible apps and systems. This makes it easy to control devices like smart lighting, security systems, thermostats, garage doors, TVs, and more all in one place.

Smart Switches and Dimmers

Smart Lighting in the home is a simple and easy way to save on energy bills and control the lighting in your home to exactly what you need. And smart lighting will continue to evolve into 2024. Over the last couple of years, homeowners have increasingly requested smart lighting in new home builds and remodel projects. Smart lighting allows users to set schedules, monitor light levels and manage energy consumption, making it a win for both user experience and energy efficiency. Smart home lighting isn’t going anywhere in 2024, and, in fact, it’s growing as an accessible luxury for all homeowners.

Smart Refrigerators

Refrigerators are taking smart home technology to the next level. Voice control and voice assistants are making it easier for users to interact with their refrigerators. Smart refrigerators are equipped with cameras, sensors and other means of connectivity to monitor temperature settings, food inventory, expiration dates, and more. The evolution of smart refrigerators is helping users reduce food waste and maintain stock of their favorite products.

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