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1m High Speed HDMI[R] to Micro HDMI Cable with Ethernet (3.3ft)
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General Info
Color: Black
Type: HDMI Mini and Micro Cables
Component Type: Adapter Cables
Height (US): 0.25"
Length (US): 6"
Width (US): 4.75"
Weight: 0.092 lb
Cord Information
Cord Length US: 1m
Buy American Act Compliance
Country Of Origin: CHINA

Electrical Characteristics
•Nominal Velocity of Propagation - 10.2Gbps
•DC Resistance - 300V
•Dielectric Strength - AC 500V/minute
•Insulation Resistance - 100#
•Nominal Attenuation - 300kHz-825MHz - <(><<)>5dB, 825MHz-2.475GHz - <(><<)>5dB, 2.475GHz-4.125GHz - <(><<)>12dB, 4.125GHz-5.1GHz - <(><<)>20dB
•HDMI (3D, Deep Color, x.v.Color[TM], Dolby[R] True HD, and DTS-HD Master Audio), Full 1080p resolution
•High bandwidth (340 MHz/10.2 Gbps) for high speed data transfer
•HDMI-CEC system control compatibility
•HDMI Ethernet Channel (when used with HDMI Ethernet channel supported source and sync equipment).
Physical Characteristics
•Voltage Rating - 30V
•Minimum Bend Radius - 60[D]
•Temperature Rating - 80°C
•Operating Temperature Range - -20[D] - 80[D]C
•Storage Temperature Range - -25[D] - 85[D]C
•Approvals - RoHS Compliant
•Package Type - Polybag
Conductor 1 (5 pair)
•Conductor Type - 30AWG (7/0.10), Tinned Copper
•Insulation - Foamed PE SKIN, Red/White, Brown/White, Blue/White, Green/White, Black/White, O.D. - 0.8mm
•Drain Wire - 30AWG (7/0.10), Tinned Copper
•Shield - Aluminum Foil, 100% Coverage
Conductor 2 (4 conductors)
•Conductor Type - 30AWG (7/0.10), Tinned Copper
•Insulation - HDPE, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, O.D. - 0.6
Overall Cable
•Drain Wire - 30AWG (07/0.10), Tinned Copper
• Foil Shield - Aluminum Foil, 100% Coverage
•Braided Shield - 16/4/0.12, Al/Mg
•Jacket - PVC, Black, O.D. - 6.0 ± 0.2mm
•Connector Type - HDMI - Type A
•Pin Construction - Phosphor Copper
•Plating - 1[MICRO]m Gold
•Dimensions (HxWxL) - 10.0 x 20.1 x 37.1mm
•Connector Type - HDMI Type D
•Pin Construction - Phosphor Copper
•Plating - 1[MICRO]m Gold
•Dimensions (HxWxL) - 7.3 x 10.5 x 26.3mm


• High Speed HDMI cable
• Supports HDMI features including 4k resolution and 3D video
• Gold plated connectors
• Warranty: Lifetime