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15ft Premium High Speed HDMI[R] Cable with Ethernet - 4K 60Hz
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General Info
Color: Black
Type: HDMI Cables
Cord Information
Connector Type End One: HDMI Male
LEED Contribution: Yes

Electrical Specifications
• HDMI 2.0, full HD Blu-ray Disc & HD DVD video, auto lip-sync, Audio Return Channel (ARC), Dual Video Streams (Dual View), Perceptual Quantizer (PQ) HDR OETF (SMPTE ST 2084), Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) HDR OETF, Static HDR metadata (SMPTE ST 2086)
• UHD 4Kx2K@60Hz 4:4:4, resolutions up to 4096 x 2160p (4K x 2K)
• Color Format: Y CbCr 4:4:4, Y CbCr 4:2:2, Y CbCr 4:2:0
• Color Depth:  8, 10, 12, & 16bit per channel deep color
• Color Space: SMPTE 170M, ITU-R BT.601, ITU-R BT.709, sRGB, xvYCC, sYCC, Adobe ycc601, Adobe RGB, ITU-R BT.2020
• DVD Audio, Super Audio CD (DSD), Dolby® True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital/Digital Plus, MPCM, DSD, DST, Dolby Atnos, DTS:X
• Maximum Audio Channels: 32
• Up to 1536kHz audio sample frequency for the highest audio fidelity
• 18Gbps bandwidth for high speed data transfer
• HDMI-CEC system control compatibility
• HDMI Ethernet Channel: 100Mbits/s (when used with HDMI Ethernet channel supported source and sync equipment)

Physical Specifications
• Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
• Storage Temperature: -25°C to 75°C

Physical Characteristics

Component A
• Insulation NO of wire: 5P
• Insulation Material: FOAM-PE+SKIN
• Insulation OD: 0.70mm ± 0.05mm
• Insulation Thickness: 0.22mm
• Shield Drain: 1/0.254T (30AWG)
• Shield AL/Mylar: AL Face Inside
• Shield Mylar: Mylar

Component B
• Insulation NO of wire: 4
• Insulation Material: HDPE
• Insulation OD: 0.56mm ± 0.05mm
• Insulation Thickness: 0.15mm

Overall Cable
• Conductor Constitution: 1/0.254 (30AWG)
• Conductor Material: Tinned Copper
• Conductor Cabling OD: 0.254mm
• Cabling Filler: Filler
• Cabling AL/Mylar: AL Face Outside
• Cabling Braid Constitution N/mm: 16/9/0.10
• Cabling Braid Material: Tinned Copper Wire
• Cabling Braid Coverage %: 85%
• Jacket OD: 6.0mm ± 0.20mm
• Jacket Material: PVC (CL2)
• Jacket Thickness: 0.75mm
• Minimum Bend Radius: 65mm
• Marking: Premium High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet E468040 (UL) CL2 75°C 30AWG E468039 (UL) CMG c(UL) 75°C FT4 30AWG
• Product is CE marked and conforms to 2011/65/EU RoHS

Warranty: Lifetime