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6ft SCSI-3 Ultra2 LVD/SE MD68 M/M Cable (Thumbscrew)
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General Info
Color: Beige
Type: External SCSI Cables
Component Type: Cables
Height (US): 2.5"
Length (US): 8.5"
Width (US): 7.5"
Weight: 0.95 lbs
Cord Information
Connector Type End One: MD68 Male
Connector Type End Two: MD68 Male
Cord Length US: 6'
Buy American Act Compliance
Country Of Origin: CHINA

• Supports up to 80/160 Mbps performance, and up to 16 peripherals without creating a bottleneck.
• 34 pair, 28 AWG, aluminum-foil shielding with 10% overlap, 85% tin copper braid, 140 Ohm maximum impedance
• Backwards compatible with SCSI-3 applications; forward compatible with the Ultra320 specification.

• Warranty: Lifetime