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Feeling safer with smart home light switches

Let smart switches and dimmers put you at ease with convenient app-control and automated schedules

Smart Lighting from the radiant® Collection

Take comfort in the convenience of controlling your lights…from anywhere. Whether its illuminating a walkway when you arrive home after dark, or making it look like your home while you’re away on vacation, Smart Lighting by Legrand provides easy control of your home’s lights and power for an added sense of security.
Secure More

Be more aware, and more in control, of what is going on in your home at any time. Even when you aren’t there. With Smart Lighting, you can add layers of security for real peace of mind. Remotely turn lights on, or easily set schedules in the app, to make it look like you’re home when you’re not. Ensure the coffee maker and other small appliances are turned safely off. Connect with other smart products through Amazon Alexa or Google Home for even more control.

Connect More

​​​​​​​Connect smart light switches with other smart devices in a home. Smart lighting gives homeowners technology at their fingertips to take control of their home.

See how, step by step, in our installation videos.

Connect your smart light switches with other smart devices in your home.

The easy-to-install smart lighting system is here. In just a few simple steps, replace your existing switches and outlets with smart switches and outlets. And setup is simple with the Smart Lights app

Add a touch of class and invigorating design to any room. Explore colors and options.

Need Help?

Call us at 877-833-3303 or email smartlights@legrand.us.

Have additional questions about Smart Lighting? View our full FAQ page.