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The return to the office is happening.

Get ready for the back to office wave! As companies starting to call employees back to the office for a at least a few days a week, it’s time to step up your technology game. With our Back to Office essential guide below, you and/or your employees can start your first day back straight to working without missing a beat. No more wasting the whole morning struggling to connect.

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Any office desk starts with a laptop, a display, a mouse, and a keyboard - and the easiest way to get them to work together is by using a docking station. C2G’s USB-C Laptop Docking Stations offer many features that contribute to the increased productivity and multi-tasking at the office. They allow connecting to multiple displays and peripherals, transmitting data, and providing power delivery all through a single USB-C port or a computer. Plug all the peripherals into it and you are good to go – quick and easy.

If you don’t have a desire of connecting to any peripherals, our USB-C adapters, USB-C adapter cables, and HDMI cables are the solutions that can help you adapt your laptop to a different display.

The patent-pending, color-coded coded HDMI Adapter Rings from C2G are the perfect addition to your conference rooms, huddle spaces, or even for hotdesking, so everyone can connect. With multiple configurations and the capability to be mounted to any conference table, rest assured that connection is always within reach for you and your employees.

If mounting to a table isn’t an option, our easy to install Conference Room Video Hub is the ultimate addition to display and share 4K content in your conference rooms and huddle spaces. It allows multiple users to connect and switch between their devices.

Bring more power to your - or your employees’ - office desk with C2G’s desktop power center units and surge-suppressor power strips. Then provide more charging options for your work and/or personal smart phones using our charging cables for a variety of mobile device types.

Transform your home office into an optimized workspace with our connectivity solutions.
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