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adorne and radiant® with Netatmo 

Delivering the comfort, safety and convenience of Smart Lighting with unprecedented range and reliability, adorne and radiant with Netatmo are the perfect whole home solutions for smarter control.

Starting with a Smart Gateway, each adorne or radiant with Netatmo solution creates a dedicated network that gets stronger with every switch or dimmer you add. And with a variety of switches, dimmers and outlets available – including wireless options for easy 3-way control – it’s easy to build a solution that perfectly fits a home’s unique space and needs.
*Coming soon: adorne® with Netatmo

With multiple options available, Legrand offers the perfect smart lighting solution for any home or project. Explore our complete offering of smart switches, dimmers and outlets.

Select from a variety of wireless devices that can be placed on any wall or surface to add fast, easy 3-way or multi-location control. No wires required.

Easily create lighting groups, scenes and schedules to simplify daily life, while taking control of lights and power, from anywhere with the Legrand Home + Control app.

Thanks to Netatmo’s open API, these smart lighting solutions can be integrated into third-party home automation systems for added layers of complete and comprehensive control.

Have a project or client looking to secure cost and environmental savings? Here’s everything you need to know about how these smart lighting solutions can help users manage and monitor energy usage, right in the app.

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