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Get Game-Day Ready: 3 Tips for Stay-at-Home Sports Fans
Help your house be the best fan zone it can be this season, with our tips for optimal at-home sports viewing and more.
Get game-Day Ready


Are you ready for some football? Is your house?

The NFL regular season kicks off in a little more than a week, and some college fans have already felt the sting of their team’s first loss.

So now is a perfect time to make sure you’ve got the ideal setup for watching your favorite players battle it out on the gridiron this fall.

Here are our tips for getting a home into perfect condition for any sport season:

1. Set Yourself Up for Optimal Viewing

It’s no secret that TVS just keep getting bigger, flatter, sharper, and better. But there are still nuances to picking the screen and settings that best serve your needs. Especially if you are hoping to watch buzzer-beating goals scored in all their glory. First, don’t be fooled by sports mode. The visual intensity of these settings is often hard on the eyes, not to mention extremely unrealistic. Many tech gurus suggest sticking with movie or cinema mode to keep the picture natural, and then adjusting the motion handling to best fit the pace of the game.

Secondly, if watching is a family affair or social occasion, angles matter. Don’t just compare OLED vs LED displays for vibrancy and lag before making a purchase, also consider how the picture will look if you aren’t watching from the perfectly centered couch. And, speaking of room layout, be sure to check window and lamp placement in relation to the screen. It might be worth a little rearranging to limit reflections or introduce bias lighting to ensure every play is easy to see.


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