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Spring Clean Your Tech
A quick checklist for getting your tech tidy.
Spring Clean Your Tech

Spring has finally arrived, and that means 'tis the season for some deep cleaning and organization!


If you are using these longer days to sweep and scrub your home, be sure to remember your gadgets likely need a refresh too. Here's a quick checklist for getting your tech tidy.




We all love wireless, but the truth is there still are a lot of cords and cables keeping devices going. But you don’t have to let them cramp your style. Hide the wires from TVs and entertainment centers with easy-to-install cord covers that can be painted to match your walls for a discreet solution, or, if you have the tools and know-how, you can even install in-wall solutions that offer recessed connections, making the cables practically disappear. When it comes to high traffic areas for device use and charging like counters, nightstands and desks, USB outlets, in-wall chargers or even built-in power centers can easily replace traditional options. They allow you to do more with less, and keep things neat, by eliminating bulky adapters and reclaiming space lost to bundles of cables and extension cords. 

Spring Clean Your Technology Step 3: Conquer Cords


There are a lot of pros to touchscreens on your devices, but all that scrolling and tapping can make for a smudgy mess you can see, and a bacteria wasteland you can’t. While a microfiber cloth alone can take care of the smear of fingerprints, it needs a little help to disinfect. For a cost-effective way to kill germs, dilute a bit of rubbing alcohol with water and moisten the microfiber cloth before gently wiping screens. There are also UV-C light wands and chargers available that tout killing viruses and bacteria. No matter your preferred method, it’s actually a good idea to clean your phones and tablets often. And probably go ahead and do your headphones, remotes, and light switches while you are at it

Spring Clean Your Technology Step 2: Sanitize Screens