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Vantage Controls Photo Gallery

For over 35 years, Vantage has been a leader in luxury control systems. By combining sophisticated technology and control with a sleek, modern aesthetic, Vantage has become the premier automated lighting solution for luxury spaces. Our automated lighting controls offer homeowners the ability to customize their control system, while complementing their home’s unique design. Explore our gallery to see our past installations.

Whether modern or traditional, a Vantage Control System is the perfect complement to your home’s unique design. Browse our gallery to view stunning Vantage projects.

Cruise the open seas in style. These marine applications prove that with Vantage, a luxury lifestyle knows no boundaries.

Vantage adorne collection® keypads were the perfect choice for this chic California home.

Featuring stunning ocean views and our new EasyTouch Glass keypads, this Spanish-Style condo is the perfect getaway.